The last 36 hours have been quite exhausting. Mom was running a fever so she was admitted to the hospital to monitor her for infection. She’s been there since Friday early evening & there is little news to report other than her fever had gone down and she was low on potassium. She told me that the dr told her to lie about her food intake when we nudge her to eat. I am really hoping he say not say that or I am seriously ready to put up my dukes!

I snapped at Mr T via text because he gave me instructions on how to feed his cat. He’s away so I have to go feed her & change the litter box. So that was fun. I hope he remembers I can be nice sometimes too.

I have an overwhelming amount of responsibilities right now: celebrate friend’s birthday, feed cat, get prepared for surgery, help run a campaign event on Monday with the President of our University, meet with donors, dinner at Mr T, trainer, pre-surgery physical. This is all by Thursday! Then, I drive to NJ again and stop in Hartford on my way back for a work event.

Can you tell that I haven’t slept in days? And I am a constant flow of spontaneous tears.

I am politely asking those of you who’ve been leaning on me for reports and texts and calls about mom to understand that I have a tremendously stressful week or so coming up. Bear with me & check here for updates. I’ll write when I can.

This is the worst thing to go through – watching a parent suffer like this. It is literally heart breaking. Trying to maintain normalcy in my life is so challenging. I haven’t had a vacation in over a year, and I had bronchitis during that trip. I’m using my vacation time from work this year to recover from my surgery. As much as I like my job, I can’t wait to eliminate one stressor for 2 weeks.

Ok I’ve said enough. It’s important to have a place where I can just vent. Again, this too shall pass.


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