Putting on a Happy Face

What’s that expression – fake it til you make it?

I get it. On the outside, I’m wearing a suit and wedges with a fancy purse and my mom’s opera length pearls. I have on eyes shadow and lipstick. I look fairly put together, I think. I will add the most Americans have off from work today for Columbus Day. I’m wearing pearls.

On the inside, I feel icky. My head is spinning and all I want to do is put on fuzzy slippers & pjs, and watch Netflix.

Tonight is our big Campaign Kickoff, where we invite our donors who have supported the organization where I work with $100k+ over their lifetime of giving. The President of the University in Israel is here. So is our CEO. I’m driving them over the the event shortly. So, while I’ll be wondering how my mom is doing today, I’ll be putting on a happy face.

Apparently mom has Cdiff again. I’m quite annoyed because I specifically spoke to the nurses about this 2 weeks ago when I was at the dr’s office with mom and they blew it off. It makes me frustrated. The poor woman is losing hope and we can’t seem to find medical support that is invested in her success. My dad is working on it, and so is my brother.

As of 4pm today, I will be focused solely on work and can’t respond to calls or texts. Many of you reached out to me today to see if you can visit mom. She is quarantined right now at the hospital. Please remember that sometimes it is hard for me to put on my brave face and text everyone back right away. Sometimes I’m sobbing in my bedroom when your text comes in. Trying to be strong but it isn’t always easy.

Cheers for now!


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