Self Care

I decided today not to drive to NJ again this weekend. My arthritic knees are so sore & I have a lower back-sized knot in my, well, lower back. I think spending 12 hours in the car again might put me over the edge.

Dad understood. He said I need to take care of myself too. Fortunately my brother is going.

Mr T cooked me dinner last night – chicken Marsala. It was good! I hadn’t seen him in ages – two weeks, maybe? – so it was good to see him and catch up. I realize how much I missed him.

So, this weekend I will lay low and go through my clothing to figure out what can be donated now.

Mom is better. She’s eating more – asked for pizza and chocolate today! I feel like the urgency for me to go has subsided a tiny bit. She’s stable right now. She still doesn’t know if and when she’ll be back on chemo.

That is the daily update. Tomorrow is my review. Those normally stress me out so much but this past week I secured a 7-figure bequest and a 6-figure bequest plus a 5-figure pledge, so I’m good for this week.

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