So far, I’m feeling physically better each day but getting in my liquids and proteins are tough! Everything tastes icky. My neighbor is picking up some Greek yogurt tomorrow in the hopes that will go down easily!

My nutritionist told me I may feel regret after the surgery. I was feeling a bit of that until I just read some FB bariatric support group messages that gave me hope that things will improve. My days of big quantities of sugar and fat are over, and I guess I’m mourning that a bit. It’s not to say I can’t have pizza or chocolate again in the future, but it’ll never be the same. That’ll pay off, though, when I’m back in action and feeling better. I’m currently sucking on a piece of ice, so you can understand the dilemma here!

I’m catching up on Netflix and of course, have watched every YouTube video on the planet by now. I definitely can’t spend another week laying around! Hopefully I can go out a bit next week.

Thanks again for all of the outreach!

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