Tree of Life

I’m tearing up as I listen to a recent podcast about the shooting in Pittsburgh on Saturday where a gunman killed 11 Jews, simply for being Jews.

It’s so hard to fathom. I picture my old synagogue in NJ, where I spent my childhood going to services, Hebrew school, Bat Mitzvah tutoring, and later in life, the arts festival and services with my folks. To imagine someone coming in and killing people brought me to tears.

The men and women killed in Pittsburgh had a right to pray in peace. Our country is founded on religious freedoms. To have our President quickly blame the victims, stating that they should have had an armed guard, is beyond disgusting. It’s downright frightening. It’s like saying a rape victim deserved it because she wore a tight skirt or had a few cocktails.

My friend posted online the other day that it’s worse than she thought with him as President. She thought someone would’ve assassinated him by now. But then we’d end up with his #2 who is a religious fanatic and that’s a whole other can of worms.

I’m nervous, scared. I don’t want to hide from my Judaism because I’m afraid. Truthfully, most Jewish offices in Boston are hard to get in because of security. But is that enough?

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