I lost 20 lbs since my surgery. Surreal to think that I did that while lying around, recovering from surgery.

I’m pleased. My leggings fit better. I’m starting to notice the change. My nutritionist moved me to “stage 4” today, which includes soft, moist proteins. So, I went to Star Market after my appointment and bought ingredients to make turkey chili and some chicken dish, probably stir fry. Since I have the time now, I think I’m going to make things in advance and freeze them. We’ll see how that goes.

My next appointment is set for Nov 29, when I’ll move to “stage 5” or as like to call it: life.

The main things I need to be mindful of are protein content (the higher, the better) and sugar (less than 16 grams preferred). Low fat is helpful for now too until our bodies adjust. So no avocado for now.

It’s funny, I am not fixating on what I’ve lost anymore, but rather, what I’m gaining – including a healthier body, the ability to still enjoy food. This is no Jenny Craig or Nutrasystem or Weight Watchers, which I’ve all tried. This is life and reacting to what my body needs. Who needed all of that stomach anyhow?? 😉


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