When I used to talk about overcoming my eating disorder, I used to say “recovery isn’t linear.” Apparently the same goes for recovering from gastric sleeve surgery! I’ve been up and down the past few weeks, and fortunately, today, I made it to my office. It’s good to be back doing work. I’ve been so incredibly weak the last week, likely from not getting enough water or food. I’m literally drinking all day at work in the hopes that it helps.

Mom is status quo. She’s getting rid of most of her clothes because they’re too big, and in return, giving many of them to me for when I get to her former size. It’s all very weird. But she does have some nice stuff!

I’m down about 25 pounds now, I think, maybe a bit more or less. I’m wearing my jeans from 2 summers ago (held onto them just in case) and soon, nothing in my closet, besides the new things I’ve been slowly acquiring, will fit. So weird. I’m donating most of them – selling a few, consigning a few. Again, if you know anyone who might benefit from some (many gently used) plus size clothes, give me a shout. I have a lot of designer jeans that are barely worn.

Ok back to work now!

PS I got a raise and a bonus!


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