Eating Fast and Furiously

It’s Friday, thank goodness! This week felt like it had 2 Mondays because we had off on Jan 1 (Tuesday) from work. 1 Monday is plenty!

So, there is a dirty secret that the bariatric team doesn’t tell you that happens post-surgery when you eat too much. They talk about the pain you’ll feel in your chest but they don’t mention that you’ll often throw up as well. I’ve thrown up twice this week. I know, gross, but I think it is important to be transparent about post-sleeve surgery. I threw up carrots and string cheese.

Why? Simply because I ate too fast.

Imagine this. You spend a large majority of your adult life having meals in your office while working or being rushed by waitstaff at a busy restaurant because they’re trying to fill the table again or mindlessly snacking in front of the tv. We are trained in the US to eat fast and furiously. And then suddenly, you can no longer do it. Your stomach is 25% of the size it used to be, and if you eat fast, you instantly feel full and that heartburn feeling in your chest. Sometimes you can feel the food stuck somewhere between your esophagus and stomach. I had no idea when my nutritionist told me to practice eating slow before my surgery what was going to happen if I didn’t.

It is a learning process.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Ted!

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