Creeping towards 50

These are photos documenting my journey. I took a pre-surgery selfie (above) and then took the photo on Saturday when I was able to wear mom’s Medium petite shirt.

As I said to my dad yesterday, “I feeling f’ing fantastic!” Yes, it’s fun to see a thinner face in the mirror, but more importantly, I feel better physically. I have more energy and soon, since I’m going back to my trainer tomorrow, I will be stronger.

I have a self-help book that gives advice to bariatric patients, and they talk about the strangeness you can feel being thin after a relatively short period of time. It helps because I have a distorted view of my physique. I don’t want people commenting on my body because it’s weird but I’m also proud of the work I’ve done.

That’s all for now!

How you doin'?

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