Mom went through a series of test this morning. They found a blood clot in her leg. Ugh. Thank goodness they did the test.

I’m not going to lie – I’m physically and mentally drained. I’m here, helping dad make life decisions and it’s a lot to process.

I’m supposed to go home on Sunday, but I’m nervous to leave. Not sure what I’ll end up doing.

Again, lots of prayers and good vibes for mom. I’m getting a lot of calls and texts. It’s getting harder for me to respond to them, so please check here for updates. It’s easier for me to write them at my own pace. Mom cannot have visitors right now.

P.S. There is a guy here in the waiting room with me planning a funeral. I can’t even.


2 thoughts on “2/8/19

  1. It’s not easy to stay strong but I’m glad you are writing not only cause it keeps your friends in the loop, but it is cathartic. We aren’t there to give you a hug but knowing what’s going on we can send you one. Here’s mine! I hope you felt it!



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