Working from my couch this afternoon after going to my office & a meeting. Good to be back at work in person.

Taking a break to give you an update. Mom is about the same today – no better or worse. She’s still dealing with severe CDiff and little energy. I spoke with her briefly this morning and she sounded tired but ok.

It’s hard to be away from her, and it’s hard to have left Dad, but he’s going to dinner tonight at a friend’s house so he won’t be alone.

I’m trying to find a home health aide to help when mom goes home but I’m having trouble finding one. If you have any leads, let me know!

In other news, Thursday is Valentine’s Day, and this is the first year in many when I’m in love & have someone to share this cheesy holiday with…Ted has the kids that night so it’ll be a family affair! Thank goodness for Ted.

PS down 57 lbs!

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