Quick update as it’s 11:46pm & I’m spent. Mom was better today – a bit stronger – and her oncologist believes she has more life in her. We’re working on getting a 24/7 aide to help us so we can bring her home.

Word is spreading within our friends & extended family. Lots of people are planning to come in to visit. My cousin is flying in from Florida, my aunt & uncle plan to come, other friends will be here next week. The love is wonderful! Please just be mindful that mom needs her rest so keep the visits short & sweet. Today she commented to me on how exhausted she was from guests (I’m her keeper!).

I am wiped out. Thank goodness Ted’s been checking in a lot and we’re making plans for when I return home, which will probably be a week from tomorrow. I have to help dad get everything settled at home before I am comfortable leaving.

Tomorrow I’m going to take a break and get a Fitbit at Target – I want the rose gold & lavender one. #selfcare

Goodnight, sweet dreams, and see you all tomorrow.


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