Saturday 2/23/19

It’s about 2:45pm and I’m sitting with mom. She’s snoozing so I’m writing.

She’s good today. I told her all about Sophia and the fit flops and whatnot. She’s looking forward to going home on Tuesday. I made a hair appointment for me for some normalcy.

Overall, I’m pleased with her progress & attitude. We believe she has situational depression so we’re treating that. Who wouldn’t be after all she has dealt with over these last 10 months??

She’s looking forward to Helen’s visit (hello, I told her you’re coming). She said, “we’ve been friends for 50 years!”

Dad has bronchitis. He’s home resting. Poor man. He’s been through so much. If you call him and he hangs up abruptly, please don’t take it personally. We get a lot of calls & texts every day, which is lovely, but can overwhelm him when people probe for more info. If you have my number, call or text me. I’m here until Friday and I can handle the “chitchat” better than him. If I can’t, I’ll write it here! If you need my info, message me!

More later!


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