Manic Monday

It’s 12:30pm and this morning has been chaotic. While I was trying to catch up on work, my phone and my parent’s home phone was ringing and blowing up with texts. The texts from people who were checking in were great, as usual.

But then my doctor’s office called to tell me my insurance was cancelled and they’re sending me a bill (their error). At the same time my surgeon was calling me about some vitamin deficiencies and my thyroid levels are a record low (overly medicated).

And dad apparently threw out some of mom’s friends when he arrived at the hospital in a rude way….and then I’m running around trying to find out when mom will be transported home.

Sigh. Taking a deep breath.

It’s a lot. Thank you to T & M who both reached out today to have coffee/chat (one is in NJ/one is in MA). I hope to see you (T) and talk to you (M) soon. And to my cousin Fay -we’ve been devouring your valentine goody basket! Yum!

And thank goodness for Ted who chats with me before bed most nights and calms me down.

It’s all starting to take its toll on me, I think, so bear with me balancing things. I have to remind folks that I had surgery only 4 months ago & I’m still recovering.

Mom is sleeping now. She’s excited to go home. We hired a private P/T guy who will help her (hopefully) walk again.

I asked dad last night as I ordered size small adult diapers on Amazon: when you married mom 50 years ago, did you ever anticipate you’d be arguing with your daughter over getting size small or medium?? Sometimes it helps to put things into perspective!

More later! Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. Sending hugs and compassionate thoughts for what you are going through. I get it! It was my life the last two summers with each of my parents. Each extra day is a blessing and when there is life, there is always hope, but it is an emotional roller coaster and beyond exhausting.

    I’m glad to read that you have found a few moments here and there to take care of yourself, that your colleagues are supportive, and am beyond happy for you that you have a kind and caring man to decompress with each evening by phone.

    My thoughts are with you.



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