11am. At my parent’s place working. Waiting to hear if mom will be coming home today. We have no hospital bed for her yet, so there is no where to put her right now. So we wait.

11:13am. Bed will be coming “at some point” today. That’s all I know. So, hopefully that means mom will be coming home today. I think around 4pm but it may be later. Please check here for updates. I love you all. I get between 15-20 texts, calls, emails, and FB messages a day, which is so thoughtful, but remember, I have to respond to them all! So, this is the best place to check for thorough updates. If you are just saying hi or thinking of us, please keep those coming!! Mom and I thrive on the social stuff, as you know.

I am drained. About 50% depleted, I think, which means I’m running on 1/2 of a tank of energy. My thyroid levels are WAY off so for those of you who deal with that, you know it completely messes with your body chemistry. Tack on caring for mom (and dad), trying to work, and keeping my own health in order – it’s a ton to deal with at once.

If anyone is interested in helping, I can tell you that our friend Michelle brought over a bunch of prepared meals from Wegmans and some Girl Scout cookies, and those went over huge with dad! I’m on a strict diet right now post-surgery so I need to take care of my own food needs. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t partake in some Girl Scout cookies! A lot of people want to come and visit mom – give her a few days to get settled in before coming over. Dad is still getting over bronchitis and she still has Cdiff, so please do not come over if you have any colds, flu-like symptoms, or if your kids or grandkids are sick, avoid Chez Rothman for now.

What else to share with everyone…I think that’s all for now. More news later!

5:34pm Mom is home. She’s snug as a bug in a rug in her hospital bed. Dad is getting her pills and apple sauce ready. Sophia is a delight!


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