It’s 9:32 PM and I’m back home. Today is Monday, and we got a foot of snow, but I was able to get to work by 11:30 AM. It was so good to be back at work! That’s when you know you like your job. It was also clear that I was missed, so that’s always encouraging. Our new assistant started while I was away so there’s a general good vibe in the office right now.

I’m a little behind in my writing because I took the last few days to decompress. I needed to catch up on sleep after the last few weeks of extreme stress and decision-making.

I spoke with mom earlier today and she sounded good. Sophia is a blessing. She is helping her eat, which I believe is giving her more strength to move her body in the bed. Her mind is strong, but her body is still very weak. I can’t wait till the moment when she said she wants to watch her new Hulu subscription. I will know at that moment that she is getting better.

I bought myself quite a few new items of clothing over the past few weeks, so I just went and packed up two more black trash bags to donate to the Vietnam Veterans of America. I also have a bag packed to sell to ThredUP, an online consignment shop. So far I’ve made about $100 from selling things there. I realized how much I needed work clothes! I’m buying things in sizes medium, large, and extra-large. I’m getting close to the size large, but in some things I still need the larger size. I’m trying really hard to get rid of anything that is over an extra large (besides pajamas) so I’m not walking around looking “frumpy.” Again, I’ll use my favorite word here: surreal.

I’m starting to make plans with friends again. I was holding off because I never knew when I’d have to leave for New Jersey at a moment’s notice. I feel like I can make plans again now that we have Sophia living with my parents. I think she knows how important she is in my life, but I’ll make sure I tell her again. I told my dad to tell Sophia that I missed her! I hope mom doesn’t get jealous 🙂

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