Best part of the day: pjs. Who’s with me?

It’s 9pm and I’m snug as a bug on my couch with last night’s Bachelor queued up. So, why does Colton jump that fence? Anyhow….

Very long workday. Getting adjusted to the fast pace of the office. I feel very behind with my work. Will need to spend many hours catching up, but I’ll do it.

Mom did not have a great day so dad turned away calls and visitors. Please check in first with dad or Sophia before stopping by. Speaking of Sophia, I spoke with her today. She’s the best!

Thank you to my two friends whose names begin with H for supporting me today during a rough patch. Trying to juggle a broken washing machine, getting acclimated back to work, doing my taxes, finding clothes that fit me, and the like – I’m spent!

Tomorrow is a new day. Let’s hope mom has a better one. ❤️

How you doin'?

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