Monday again. This one was pretty good, though. I went to an interesting event at Brandeis and enjoyed learning in the middle of the day!

Did my taxes. Although it’s a lot less than 2017, I’m still getting a refund. So that’s helpful since I now need a new washing machine (cue the water gushing out of the bottom of the old one….).

I spoke with my folks a while ago and had a fairly long conversation with mom. She had a nice visit today from our cousins and has been enjoying her phone conversations/visits with neighbors, friends, family, etc.

Ted and I will plan to visit at the end of March. They’re thrilled for our upcoming visit. I’ll meet Ted’s folks in May when they’re back from snowbirding in FL.

Officially lost 65 lbs. Saw my recent photo on FB and could see such a difference in my appearance. I feel more like myself now. A less puffy version of myself. I refer to myself as the “incredibly shrinking woman” which makes me laugh.

That’s it for now.

How you doin'?

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