Longest week ever! Seriously, it was so slow. TGIFF!

My week – well, in my world – was pretty shitty but when I think about it, it’s all relative since mom is getting better! Remember I said I’d know she was on the right track when she started watching Hulu again on her iPad? Well, she watched “Three Identical Strangers” last night! She’s been wanting to watch it forever. And she’s getting out of bed! She’s been sitting and standing. Soon she’ll be running that marathon. Ok. Ok. Us Rothman’s do not run marathons. But you get my point.

I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow all week! My beau & I are spending the day together. Can’t wait!

My job has been incredibly stressful and icky this week so let’s hope it gets better next week. I’m optimistic.

I have been doing spring cleaning too. Earlier this week, I packed up more donation bags and tonight, I threw out old makeup. I dropped my gorgeous Laura Mercier foundation on the floor but in true “me” fashion, I had a replacement one ready to go. Luckily I dropped the old one. But damn, that stuff is expensive!

I’m down 65 lbs. The big excitement this week is that I can fit into Victoria’s Secret stuff again. It’s not great quality but it’s symbolically fun not to have to only shop for unmentionables at Lane Bryant or Avenue. I have more options now. Of course this stirs up all sorts of feelings of “why can’t more stores be inclusive with their sizing?” But it’s also nice to be able to shop in a store for these things.

That’s about all for now. Doing a Brandeis alumni focus group on Sunday which should be fun!

Bought this dress at Target today. Cute, huh???

How you doin'?

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