The weekend in NJ was nice. I arrived on Friday and we had meatballs that mom’s aide made. They were too dry. We all went to bed early, and I had one of the best sleeps in months. I told dad I believe it was because I saw, with my own two eyes, that mom was doing great.

On Saturday, mom & I showered, got dressed, and headed downstairs to hit the shops. Mom chatted with her neighbor and then she sat in my car, and proceeded to throw up. Thank goodness I had a trash bag in the car as I was cleaning it out. I ran inside, grabbed more trash bags and a roll of paper towels. Mom insisted she felt fine and to press on. We were both looking forward to shopping.

We arrived at 606, our favorite local boutique. We picked out a few things for mom to try on to wear for her anniversary party, coming up on June 9th. She sat in the dressing room and suddenly held her hands to her mouth. I asked the woman working at the store if she had a trash bag. I grabbed it, handed it to mom, and she threw the dressing room curtain shut.

Mom did her thing and handed me her credit card, asking me to pay for the items she had selected. I went to the counter to pay, and she eventually walked towards me. She saw a pretty purse nearby and said, ” throw that in too.” Somehow, amongst the throwing up, we managed to drop $600 in 10 minutes!

We headed to our other favorite shop, Welcome Home. We’ve shopped there so often that the owner know us. She was so happy to see mom! We wandered a bit. I followed mom carefully because I had a trash bag tucked in my purse. About 10 minutes in, mom excused herself to my car. You can guess what happened next. I paid her bill, and grabbed a few items for her for Mother’s Day. I took mom home and as soon as she laid down on the couch, she was out. She slept there without a peep out of her for 3 hours. I went out and ran some errands for her & dad.

The rest of our family arrived, and we had a Passover meal together. Between courses, we all gathered in mom’s room where she lay peacefully so she wouldn’t get sick.

Sunday morning, she woke up and was completely fine. Ate, had coffee, chatted on phone.

Every day is a new day.

How you doin'?

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