It’s been a minute since I last wrote.

Ted & I celebrated our 1 year anniversary back on 5/20/19. Congrats, Ted, for surviving a year with me! We spent the long weekend on the Cape at his folks with the kids. A lovely weekend!

Mom is doing well – appears to be in remission – and busy getting her life back. She even went to NYC last week with her friends to see a matinee. Love it!

Been busy buying my summer wardrobe and gathering items to take with me on my upcoming trip to Kenya & Uganda.

Looks like I’m getting a cat. Ted’s cat will likely be coming to live with me. Decided it’ll be nice to have the company when I’m alone. Go figure! Years ago when I broke up with Dan #2, he told me I was too picky and was going to end up alone with a house full of cats! Look who has the last laugh now – a great relationship AND a cat! 😃

That’s pretty much it!


How you doin'?

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