Declaring my independence

I finally pulled the trigger and did it – I unaffiliated from any political party in the US. I was an independent for years, and when I moved 7 years ago to a new town, I changed my affiliation to the Democratic Party. I’m a Dem, I thought. And I was. I rallied for Hillary and cheered on Obama.

But then something changed. I felt the push and pull of the 2 party system. I felt the rift, the divide between them growing larger & larger. And then I voted for our governor, Charlie Baker, who is a republican. I felt guilty, like I had betrayed my people. But when I read his statement, I was more aligned with his views. I seriously felt guilty.

And then the government shutdown happened. I was embarrassed how both parties handled it. I felt myself pulling away again.

So, I changed my voter registration to “unaffiliated.” This doesn’t mean I don’t still love Obama & Hil. I do! It just leaves more room in my soul for others. 🇺🇸

How you doin'?

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