Fat Shaming is a no-no.

Still processing my experience being fat shamed. I had a work meeting and the woman I was meeting with made a comment about how I look more professional now that I’ve lost weight. Honestly the only difference in style of clothes was a smaller size (same style) and I was wearing dangling earrings (that cost $29 from StitchFix) versus my usual gold & diamond studs/hoops that cost, let’s just say, more than $29.

She said that they don’t sell “professional” clothing in my old size. Let’s look at some of the items I sold through thredUP, shall we?

Lots of dress pants, blazers, and dresses.

Listen, she realized what she said was wrong and later called to apologize. It was the right thing to do but some damage had been done: she fat shamed me in an attempt to tell me “how great I look now.”

It’s her issue, people said to me. But she made it mine.

I don’t want to dwell on this so I’ll leave you with these 3 thoughts.

1. No one (!) has the right to comment on your body or appearance! No one.

2. Just because someone is overweight doesn’t mean he/she is not professional, capable, intelligent, attractive, nice, funny, lazy, etc etc etc.

3. Thin doesn’t always equate with healthy, and fat doesn’t always equate with unhealthy.

Please, think twice before you comment on someone’s weight loss, appearance, or the like. 😍


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