It’s Sunday night, a bit after 9 PM. Today, I worked most of the day, helping with an alumni event for the University where I work. It’s really nice to work with such great people who really respect me and appreciate my hard work. With other jobs, it was assumed that I would work until exhaustion. Like, for example, I ran a board meeting this past week and many of the members acknowledged that I am doing the work of three people until we replace my boss that left and my administrative assistant who is leaving soon. My organization is committed to helping me be successful. It’s quite refreshing!

I had a really nice time with Ted this weekend. We went to see the new Downton Abbey movie, and we both enjoyed it. Even though we’ve been together for about a year and a half, we realize this is the first time we’ve ever gone to the movies together! It was really lovely. We shared a drink and a popcorn. It was so nice to be there with him.

I’ve been busy gathering my fall wardrobe, which has been so fun. I love wearing calf high boots, so I just ordered two pairs online in the hopes that they fit. I’ve gotten some new blazers and I’ve been feeling good about myself. I also chopped off my hair the other day and it is, in my opinion, cute and more stylish.

So, I will conclude this blog post, by saying that this is one of the Sunday nights in a long time where I don’t dread Monday. Have a good night!


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