L’shana Tova 5780

It’s the Jewish New Year today so for those who celebrate, Shana Tova.

As I reflect back on 5779, I can’t help but think of my mom & the year we’ve been through, starting out rocky and ending with a sweet new year. Pour the honey on those apples! But the irony isn’t lost on me that after services, my parents went to visit the oncologist. It’s that nagging reminder to be joyful, but don’t be cocky. (Jewish guilt, anyone?).

At the same time, 5779 brought me a stronger bond with Ted & his boys. And, 5779 was my surgery year, where I lost 85 lbs but more importantly, gained so much strength. And I adopted Nermal this year (she just growled at me because I pulled the iPad charger out of her mouth).

It’s the time now where we ask for forgiveness, before Yom Kippur. May we forgive each other as we’re humans with flaws & just doing our best. I’ll even cut Nermal some slack despite probably needing a new charger!

2 thoughts on “L’shana Tova 5780

  1. Thank you for contuing to share with us last year and in the New Year. i so appreciate reading your updates and transparency. I love how flawsome you are and how much you own it! ❤ Shana Tova my friend.

    ps. FLAWSOME, adjective
    You embrace your flaws and know you are awesome regardless.
    You’re an individual and don’t waste time worrying about what others think.
    You are imperfectly perfect.
    #flawsome #imperfectlyperfect #beyourself

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