Lowering my dose

I’ve been taking the same dosage of antidepressants now for about 10-15 years. Month after month, like clockwork, I fill my 2 prescriptions with their $5 copays. And each night, I swallow my 3 pills so that I can get through each day. 40 mg of this, 75 msg of that. Clockwork. Rinse, repeat.

Today, my doctor said she’d like to consider losing my dosage. Picture my chin nearly hitting the floor. I’ve honestly never thought my dosage would change, or if it did, it’s only increase over time. To be mentally in a good place is surreal. I attribute it to Ted, having a pet, and having a flexible schedule at work where I can get access to the sun if/when I need it at these darker times of the year. I’m financially sound, my mom is in remission, and I’m fairly peaceful with life.

Will it hold up? I will use this place to monitor my moods and with hope, I will be able to lower my dose come May, when I have my next appointment. But this is seriously awesome! 😃

One thought on “Lowering my dose

  1. congratulations! peace and serenity are amazing gifts we can give ourselves and I’m so happy for you 🙂

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