Today should’ve been my first day at my new job but last week, I found out my start date was pushed back 2 weeks. As long as it is only 2 weeks, I can handle it. Granted, I have no income or health insurance but I am working on it. I applied for unemployment and MassHealth, which is free insurance for unemployed or low income folks. It’s only 3 weeks without insurance but in MA, if you don’t have health insurance for 11 out of 12 months, you get fined on your income taxes. Plus there’s that whole virus thing going on.

I’m not happy about it but I understand everyone is impacted by COVID-19. I had a furlough back in 2009 and it took me a while to overcome the financial burden. I have savings now – and got a loan from family members – but it’s crazy how having 2 unplanned weeks off can mess with your head. I should be out fundraising for my local hospital right now. To me, it’s a waste of a good fundraiser!

I’m trying to use my time productively. I’m going to do some home improvements, read, catch up with friends. But I also have what I call “covid-somnia.” I can’t sleep at night. I lie there, wide awake with my thoughts, and then I can’t stay awake during the day. Coffee. Lots of coffee.

So that’s what’s going on here. How’s by you?

How you doin'?

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