What’s good, ok, and kinda ugly these days in the world

We’ll start with the good:

New job: I like it!

Life with Ted: he’s a keeper.

Ted’s kiddos: getting to know the twins more & more, understanding how their brains tick, and I enjoy their company.

My apartment: Ted helped me set up a super cute home office. I’m decluttering, selling clothes to ThredUP & Poshmark. My cleaners return this week.

My kitty Nermal

The Ok:

My Parental units: Mom hasn’t been feeling well so that’s top of mind. I’m trying to get rested for covid so I can visit my folks.

Covid: listen, we all know it sucks. We’re trying to get our lives back. But what about the 100k people who lost theirs to this terrible coronavirus? Can’t quite wrap my brain around it.

The Ugly:

George Floyd: George was a man who was brutally murdered by at least one police officer who suffocated him. It appears that if George broke the law, it was by passing counterfeit money. Definitely not worth losing your life over something like that. There are riots happening in most of the major cities around the United States, focused on black lives matter. I’ve never been a big protester type, but I fully support peaceful protests to get a point across that this brutal murder that should never of happened.

This is another thing I have such a hard time wrapping my brain around. No one, especially an innocent African American man, should ever lose their life in such a terrible manner. Plain and simple. Something’s got to change. A young person of color should never have to worry about being around a police officer because they’re afraid that their life might be in jeopardy. The only thing that I can personally compare something like this to is the Jews ultimately perishing in the Holocaust.

How you doin'?

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