All the news from 6/15/20

Launched @JoannaAfter40 Facebook group today. If you’d like to join, just let me know and I can add you. Just a place for silliness & fun with fashion, makeup, and anything else under the sun. It’s also an excuse for me to justify all of my online purchases! 🤔

In other news, mom started chemo again. I hope she doesn’t mind me writing it here. Like she says, ovarian cancer is like a chronic illness. It can return and you just keep knocking it down with chemo. This one is monthly, so fewer side effects and that is a good thing, especially with covid. I was there last week & can say that I think my folks are in a good place. #optimism

And I’m loving my new job! It’s so great to be at a place where I feel appreciated. My new colleagues are cool and I like my new boss very much. I’m able to save a lot more now for retirement and invest in things, like a great new home office. Of course, the hospital I work for is terrific and serves a great need in Boston. I feel like all of my hard work is finally paying off!

Then there’s the love of my life, Ted. I don’t write a lot about him on social media and stuff because he’s a private person. However, I will just say that my love for him grows more & more every day! ❤️

How you doin'?

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