1970s Flashback

Imagine seeing yourself as a baby for first time. Granted, I have seen plenty of photos but never “live action” moving pictures of baby me. Recently my brother digitized my dad’s old home movies and put them on his YouTube channel. I finally sat down to watch them last night.

The first 20 minutes or so are mostly featuring my brother, and it was surreal to see all those baby photos I’ve seen for years “come to life.” I got choked up when I saw both of grandmothers – grandma & nanny – on screen. And, later, our dear sweet Elaine was there—my “second mom” who died of ovarian cancer about 5 years ago. I still miss her every day.

About 30 minutes in, you can see my 3rd birthday. What a treat to see! Towards the end I’m crawling around, furiously, and you can see the Carvel ice cream cake box in the forefront. It is still mine & my dad’s favorite birthday cake!

My dad had the sense, as far back as the early 70’s, to capture these moments of our family. I doubt he imagined his 45-year-old daughter gong back to watch them 40-50 years later. They’re a true treasure to have!

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