Life Update 7/8/20

It’s been a minute since I’ve written. I keep composing posts in my head, but then I don’t get around to writing them. Perhaps it is because I’m busy with my new job and @JoannaAfter40, my new fashion/makeup/lifestyle brand or whatever you want to call it.

I’m on a new medication – temporarily – that makes me a bit hyper for most of the day, but around this time – 5:30pm – I crash and get really sleepy. I’ve also been trying to train my lovely cat, Nermal, to stop waking me at 3am or 5am for food. She is clearly just bored and wants attention. She’s been fast asleep on the rug next to me all day, which is adorable, but means she’ll be well rested for her night roaming!

I am really liking my new job but it’s hard to onboard virtually, especially when I can’t get into the hospital to see the space and get the lay of the land. I need to be more patient with myself. I want to raise lots of money, but the truth is, I need to learn the content first. I didn’t really start fundraising at my last job for about 6 months in so I need to remind myself to be patient.

Mom has her second round of chemo tomorrow – it’s a monthly process now – and she seems to be adjusting well to it. I hope that continues. Dad is in good spirits as well. My brother and sister-in-law will visit them this weekend so they’ll be in good hands.

I’m heading with Ted and the boys to the Cape on Saturday to see his entire family -parents, brothers, sisters-in-law, and kiddos. I met this entire group last summer as well so it will be nice to reconnect, one year later.

Trying to think of what else is new and interesting. Not a whole lot! Ted and I are talking about buying a house together in about a year or so, so that has been a big conversation. I am working on getting my finances in order so I can put myself on a budget & save for that. I’m considering keeping my condo as an investment so there are many “grown up” decisions to be made.

Sometimes I forget I’m 45 years old and an adult – perhaps it is from the abundance of Hello Kitty paraphernalia around my apartment -and then I have to remind myself that, “Yes, Joanna, you are indeed in your 40s and an adult and the like.” Because I have this adventuresome spirit, I sometimes want to just jump on a plane and visit Rome. And then I remember it’s Covid-time and we aren’t allowed into Europe. I told my dad that it feels like we’re living in an alternate universe. I’m pretty sure I’ve written that before – when Trump was elected -and now with quarantine and all of the mask-wearing, I am still waiting until I wake up from this collective nightmare.

I think I mentioned this at some point, but I am working with an executive coach and that is stirring up a whole new set of new thoughts – trying to change lifelong behaviors is hard! We are working through something called the Kantor profile now, where we look at our behaviors in relationship to our family life -past & present. Fun, right? It stirs up all sorts of stuff! And because she’s a coach and not a therapist, there isn’t that sugar-coating the way a therapist may use to ease you into your flaws. Stirring up all sorts of perfectionism challenges! I think I may need to bring out my copy of the Gift of Imperfection by Brene Brown!

Ted is on route with dinner (delicious burgers) so I am going to sign off now. I hope all of you readers are happy, well, and Covid-free. Or, if not, on the mend…


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