Herman Cain, where was your mask?

“Herman Cain died,” my brother told me earlier this afternoon. I searched around my brain for a recollection on who he was. My brother then said, “From Covid. He was at a recent Trump rally.”

Then I said, “Wait, the doctor who ran for President?” My brother nodded.

My immediate response was: “This shit is no joke.” If you’re in your 70s in a crowded auditorium without a mask, you can contract this virus and die. Hell, you could be in your 20s or 40s, catch it, and die.

This whole mask wearing thing is not a hoax. I’m so frustrated that people are politicizing it.

“Being told to wear a mask removes my rights. Being told to wear a mask means I’m a Democrat. Being told to wear a mask is silly; they don’t help.”

No, wearing a mask can help save the life of others. I witnessed a crowd of people today aggressively trying to get their Greek food order before the other people on line. If we didn’t all have masks, who knows how many of us could’ve contracted the virus by the close proximity? I sadly will not frequent that food place again because of it. Not worth the risk.

Why didn’t you just wear a mask, Herman?

Updated on 8/6/20:

Herman Cain was not a doctor, but rather, he was a businessman. My apologies for the error.

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