Our New Normal (?)

When I first starting writing about Covid-19 on this blog, I seriously thought it would be “over” by now. It’s been about 6 months, and we’re still dealing with living during a pandemic. It is such a strange time. Sometimes I describe it as feeling like an alternative universe. I know I’ve written that here before, but it just feels so appropriate.

The current dilemma is making decisions about whether or not to open schools, or just continue to home school children to keep them safe from catching Covid, or spreading it to others. I think Ted’s kids’ school is heading towards a hybrid-model, with a mixture of in-person and online learning. While it seems like a great option to keep kids socialized, I imagine it is scary for parents and teachers (and the kids) to think about being together in a classroom. They’ll wear masks, which will help, but it sounds like a very stressful situation all around. Then again, if students are home all of the time, many parents will have to work remotely with them at home, and I’ve heard lots of people may need to quit their jobs in order to be a parent. It’s a messy, unprecedented situation.

I have to say that I am really glad that I live in Massachusetts, as I have been continually impressed with the level of mask wearing among the public, and the leadership that our governor, Charlie Baker, has demonstrated. As you know, I voted for him, and I’m very glad I did, as he has been doing a really terrific job navigating these uncharted waters. My parents live in NJ and they seems to be doing a good job there, too, so that’s reassuring.

I visited with Ted’s friends (well, technically now, our friends) last weekend in Rhode Island, and I noticed that we were among the only people outside wearing masks. And, wouldn’t you know it – residents are now banned from visiting other states without a Covid test. I am not surprised. The masks work. I know, broken record!

More thoughts on this to come!


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