We’re all in this together!

I am feeling very lethargic today. It’s likely because I really don’t think I slept too much last night. It may be the extreme heat, or the general malaise that is blanketing the entire world population due to Covid-19. Numbers are up ticking slowly but it has caused some necessary delay in progress. For example, my friend from New Zealand said that because of 4 new cases there, they’ve taken a step back towards lock down until they determine the cause of the new outbreak. This virus isn’t a joke!

How do I deal with it? I try to focus on what I can control within my life. Ted is coming over tonight and tomorrow, so that’ll be nice to have his company. Tomorrow night, my neighbors will join us for an outdoor, socially-distanced BBQ, and then a group of us from college will reunite this weekend for some strategically-planned festivities, namely outside. I will then be taking another Covid test so I can go visit my parents. My mom is in the middle of monthly chemo – and handling it quite well – so I will visit them a bit and work remotely from their place in NJ.

In my spare time, I’m busy making videos for JoannaAfter40. Here is a link to the channel if you want to take a peak.


(Let me know if that link gives you an problems – it’s a little wonky from my end to test it out).

My new job continues to go well. I’m getting busier, and feeling more connected to the team, despite on-boarding virtually. My colleagues have been very welcoming and helpful, which is always a delight. I’ve been keeping up with my colleagues from my last job as well, which is great because they’re such a lovely bunch of people!

So that’s it for today. I hope wherever you are, you and your family are hanging in there! Remember, as much as it sucks, we’re all in this together!

How you doin'?

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