At some point during yesterday afternoon, Joe Biden announced his running mate – Kamala Harris. I know very little about her so far. I told Ted that I didn’t want to get into a discussion about her until I research and learn more. I haven’t had time to do that yet other than listen to 2 podcasts this morning – Up First (NPR) and The Daily (NYT). These are more left-leaning so I need to find some more middle of the road resources in order to learn the facts. I have such a hard time finding those these days – the news tends to be so polarizing. I don’t want to go to Fox News or the like as those will be too right leaning. So, where do I go? NPR says doesn’t lean one way or the other, but in my opinion, it feels a bit more liberal to me.

I’m going to be upfront and say that the likelihood that I vote for Trump is 0.0%, so Biden/Harris will get my vote, but I want it to be educated. I don’t want to be one of those people who votes “against” Trump/Pence, but rather, I’d prefer to say I voted “for” Biden and Harris. It’s all semantics, really, but in my heart and mind, I want to know that I made a decision that sits right with me at the end of the day. If you recall, I unaffiliated with any political party a while back because I was so fed up with choosing a side, but I do tend to connect more with the Democratic party in most ways.

With that said, I prefer to be a voters based upon policy rather than party, but there isn’t much choice out there these days. And while I don’t verbalize this publicly, I am deeply concerned about the state of affairs in this country under Trump’s leadership. While I understand that you need to have a healthy ego to run a country, he appears to be a Narcissist, which is a mental disorder that doesn’t provide much thought towards others’ well being.

But, I do want to address something to my readers who are hopeful for a Biden win. It is very clear to me that, despite a downfallen economy, the rich are still pretty rich under Trump. Even I moved into a new tax bracket twice under Trump. Listen, my colleague just told me that her daughter received a lot more in unemployment than while she was actually working full-time. If there is any hint that the stimulus money – whether it be for small companies or individuals – will decrease under Biden, trust me – he will lose the election. People – in VERY general terms – often vote with their wallets. So I just want those of you who think there is no way that Trump can win again may be in denial. Just want to be real. I do not want him to win, but he may if he positions himself correctly at his fundraising dinners. So, if we want Biden/Harris to win, we need them to reinforce that they will continue supporting Americans and American companies financially as we pass through this Covid-19 crisis. By all means, if you disagree, put it in the comments. I really want to hear your thoughts.

And while you’re at it, if you can recommend some non-biased reading material on Harris, please send me links or ideas!

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