It’s 8am and I woke up tired. I’ve been dealing with a bad episode of insomnia. I’ve been trying everything to conquer it: OTC medication, baths, new curtains, unplugging early, you name it. Last night, I was in my living room around 3am just wandering around. My cat is very confused why I am awake during her “day.”

The next step is to try my CPAP again. Ugh. Before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, I was very restless and even think I dozed off while driving to work. At least now I’m at home. Honestly, besides the stress, I think I’m just too sedentary. I need to go outside & walk. Even though I’m technically “quarantined,” I think I need to do this for sanity purposes!

How do you get a restful night’s sleep, assuming you do?

How you doin'?

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