Just put on CNN for 5 minutes & had to shut it off. Hurricane Laura is coming, the Republican National Convention speakers keep referring to Biden & Harris as “socialists,” and another person was killed by police (and caught on video), this time in Kenosha. Holy shit.

No wonder no one is sleeping. This country is in a state of unrest. Oh, and did I mention we’re still in the middle of a Covid-19 pandemic.

I keep wondering how this period of time, how 2020, will be remembered in terms of our nation’s history. Will we look back and reflect on this era as we do with the Flu Outbreak of 1918 or the Great Depression? We think we’re so much more advanced now with our technology and vaccinations but in the meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people – in first world countries (and others, mind you) – are dying.

There’s been a series of articles on BuzzFeed about college students complaining on social media that they aren’t getting proper meals delivered to them at NYU. Um, you’re in the middle of NYC. Put on your mask & step outside your front door. There’s a world of cuisine there for you. I understand it isn’t a cheap city but people on low incomes make it work. Figure it out. I just get so annoyed by this helpless mentality. How are these kids going to survive in life if they can’t figure these things out?

I seriously sound like a crotchety person! But it’s the unrest that’s so unsettling. Speaking of, I think my doctor and I have figured out the root of my insomnia so let’s hope that one tiny glimmer of hope is on the horizon. 😉

Thanks for giving me a safe space to kvetch! Onto brighter & happier days ahead! 👍

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