What if…

There are all of these “what if” scenarios bopping around in my head so I thought it would be fun to think about some alternate universe situations. It’s good to sometimes write these things down to get them out of floating in my head!

…Covid arrived in a non-election year.

Do you think President Trump would have handled it differently with the public? Do you think he would have encouraged people to wear masks since he wasn’t trying to put on re-election rallies? Or. would he acted the same way, downplaying how bad this pandemic actually is? Would the other Democratic nominee hopefuls – Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, etc – have withdrawn their candidacy against Biden when they did? I assume President Obama called them all on the phone and told them they needed to come together as a party. Would that have happened so soon, or would it have dragged on longer?

…Covid never happened at all (big picture)

Let’s be honest. The entire world has been forever changed due to Covid. How would it be if we never experienced this pandemic? We’d still be commuting, traveling, socializing. Schools would have started a while ago in most states, and kids would be dragging those huge backpacks on their backs through the hallways, on route to their lockers. Likely many unhappy marriages would still be dragging on due to lack of quarantine where they realized, “I can’t anymore!” The economy would probably be trucking along with a healthy stock market. Many restaurants that have closed in 2020 would still be in business. The supply chain would still be functioning, and there wouldn’t be a lack of Clorox wipes throughout the country. We probably wouldn’t be seeing toilet paper brands written in Spanish in our local CVS because there be plenty of Charmin to squeeze. And nearly 200k (and counting) people may still be alive (some may have died regardless of Covid) here in the US. And 956k people may not have died worldwide.

…Covid never happened (in my world)


I may have started my job sooner than mid-May, so I’d be further along in my progress. I’d be working in the office, so I would know my colleagues much better, but I would also likely be more caught up in the gossip and drama.


I’d still be stressed about when I would be able to find the time to clean, do laundry, organize my guest room – all things that happen(ed) as a result of Covid.


I don’t think it would be any different. 🙂


I probably wouldn’t have the time to make my videos, which have become so much fun for me and I love making them!

So, here’s what I’ve learned. My life has been A-Ok during Covid. I’ve had good health and happiness regardless. I like my new job and despite the gossip, I like it and the projects I’m working on. Plus, many of my colleagues are awesome (there are a few mean girls, but ignoring them).

The rest of the world? Not sure it’s A-OK!

How you doin'?

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