It feels as if 2020 has been going on forever! Happy Monday, all.

It’s Columbus Day today, or as it may be known in the future, Indigenous People Day. I like that concept.

My office never closes so when it is a holiday, we have to use ETO (earned time off) so alas, I’m working (or taking a break, and writing this post). I’m in Panera for a few minutes to grab a coffee and work a bit before I head to lunch with some colleagues. My wonderful cleaners come on Mondays now so I try to get out of their way if possible. Poor Nermal sees their vacuum cleaner and immediately bolts for the basement, hiding behind my very dusty washing machine. After they leave, I gently call her name and like a good little cat puppy, she comes running up the stairs, skeptically but hopeful that the evil vacuum cleaner is gone.

As I look out of the window, it’s a dreary day but the leaves are almost fully changed to beautiful shades of orange and red. It’s always a bit sad when they fall to the ground because then I know that winter is upon us.

Mom is doing well. She has (hopefully) one more round of chemo in November, and then they will discuss the next course of action, which we all hope will be a break from chemo. Unfortunately, NJ has been removed from the list of “approved” travel states via MA so if I go there now, I will have to get tested before and after I visit, and then quarantine at home – alone – for 2 weeks. I don’t know if I can be alone for 2 straight weeks right now so Thanksgiving plans are up in the air right now. It may be a Zoom Thanksgiving this year 😦 I am sure I am one among many who will have to do that this year.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that Ted and I are talking about getting married. Like, for reals this time. We’ve looked at some rings and have the names of a few jewelers that we’re going to visit. Since we’re not kids and don’t care too much about tradition, we’ve discussed getting me a ruby ring. My mom’s family are the Ruby’s, so it is a nice homage to my grandparents and my own roots. It makes it feel a lot more special, like the blending of our two worlds. With no end of Covid-19 in sight, we’ve discussed having a small wedding, perhaps in his parent’s backyard, and very low key. I am so glad because I never wanted a big wedding where I have to spend so much time planning and worrying about everyone else. I want simple, low key, and it to be focused on us. We’ll likely do something later on via zoom or small group gatherings. And, we are hoping to move in together in 2021 after we find a house that we like (and can afford!). I may hold onto my condo for an investment, but it is a little daunting to think about being a homeowner times 2!

That’s the latest news. More to come!

4 thoughts on “10/12/20

  1. 2020 may be dragging on but I’m grateful for the blessings you discussed here. How lovely to move forward with Ted and the option to zoom into far away places to see our loved ones. We’ll be doing the same to keep everyone safe, as sad as it is. Congrats on everything!

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