Goal weight

I just saw this article on Rebel Wilson and it says she’s “6 pounds from her goal weight.” And recently, when a friend heard I had gastric sleeve surgery, she said that she too had it and asked me if I had reached my “goal weight.”

So, really, what is a goal weight? Is it the amount of weight you should be based upon your BMI? Or, perhaps the number a diet program tells you where you should be? Or, an arbitrary number you create in your head?

Ok. So say you hit your “goal weight.” You could be 2 pounds away, go to the restroom, and – surprise! – you’re there. Or, you could take off your jeans, put on shorts, and “eureka!” You’ve made it.

Listen, I’m as goal oriented as the next gal, but putting a random number out there in the universe isn’t always the best strategy for weight management.

When I’m asked about goals for my surgery, I simply state that I had no specific weight loss goal, but rather, I wanted to help set my body up for success as I age, by lowering my blood pressure, reducing the amount of weight on my fragile, arthritic knees & ankles, getting out of the “prediabetic” scale, and much more. I’ve ditched my cpap. Yes, I lost roughly 75-80 pounds but more so, I can walk up a set of stairs without panting. I can walk up the stairs period!

This is why I don’t love the concept of goal weight. It’s really hard to stay one weight. And what happens if you creep back up, as bodies tend to do until they’re at the “set point” for your body chemistry at that moment in time. No one ever says, “oh, look, you’ve gained weight!” Unless you’re recovering from an eating disorder.

When I gained 80 pounds, no one complimented me or asked me if I hit my goal. “Yes, I’ve had a sufficient share of ice cream and pie this year! Thanks for noticing.”

Probably best just not to ask or comment. Poor Rebel Wilson. What’ll page 6 says if she gains it back? ☹️

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