It’s our turn, Claire!

I’m watching the season premiere of The Bachelorette on Hulu, and I got a bit teary when Claire, aged 39, said she’s been on the sidelines, rooting on her friends and it’s now her turn.

I said the same thing to Ted this week as we talk seriously about taking the next step.

If you consider we start dating around 15, I’ve been rooting my friends on for 30 years now. Granted, I’ve dated but other than my college boyfriend, nothing has been as serious as my relationship with Ted. I’ve never felt jealous or threatened about my friends’ relationships. I’ve always embraced their joy, rooting them on as engagement and marriage came for them.

I dated a flurry of decent (and not so decent) guys but no one serious. When Ted and I first dabbled in marriage talk, like “small or big wedding,” I realize that I had subconsciously given up on meeting “the one.” I had no secret wedding dreams or ideas about rings. I hadn’t thought about where I’d reside with my husband. I had quietly come to peace with my life – being a single, independent career woman and “auntie.”

And now, what am I? Not single but otherwise, still career oriented, independent, and the best auntie out there! But now I’m more. I’m future step mom. I’m independent and part of a couple. I’m now also a home cook and someone’s partner. I’m still me but my priorities have naturally shifted.

It’s my turn. 🥰


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