2 more weeks

Election Day is coming up in about 2 weeks.

I don’t say too much on my public social media, but here, I can be free to speak my mind without the repercussions of backlash.

I am secretly praying in my head that Trump loses the election. He is very worrisome to me. I truly believe he is a crook, bigot, and chauvinist. I have deep rooted fears that he has been secretly tricking our government by not appropriately paying taxes like the rest of us (or some of us, at least). I think behind closed doors he says racial slurs and comments about women. I know he also says them in public! Do I think he believes them? Some. I see footage from his campaign rallies and I believe he is telling lies, such as that he believes Covid-19 isn’t that bad (I think he believes it is THAT bad but doesn’t want his followers to think that). I bet he even talks smack about his followers behind closed doors. A friend of mine posted on FB this morning that he believes the Trump family is secretly funneling money to places where they can’t be prosecuted by the US. It is a conspiracy theory that I buy into, despite trying so hard to be very disciplined in only basing my comments in fact.

But, if I can watch Dateline or 48 Hours, and see that one man is able to convince 8 women to marry him and steal all of their money, then anything is possible.

I have another friend who recently said she’s a Trump supporter. There’s something I admire about my friends who can do that. I want her to vote for the person she supports. It’s the people who secretly will vote for Trump that bother me more. If you’re going to support him, speak your mind and tell me why. If you make it seem like you’re undecided but you know you’ll vote for Trump, for some reason, that bothers me. It’s not right – I know – because no one has share their vote. It’s a right to privacy. But I want to know why people are voting for Trump (or for Biden).

Why did I vote for Biden?

  • He has a long track record in politics. I like that he is experienced.
  • He recruited a very capable VP candidate who I believe is smart, fair, and wants the best for the country.
  • While he was VP, he had a bit of a reputation of being loud and passionate. I like that. But I’ve also seen that he can be thoughtful and mind mannered, which I also like.
  • He is not as liberal as Bernie Sanders. He believes in capitalism over socialism. So do I.
  • (although…) He doesn’t want to get rid of ACA, which I DO believe in. Why? Because I’ve utilized it when I needed insurance. I’ve gotten free healthcare as a result.
  • He is committed to getting us back on track as a good neighbor and partner with our ally countries. He is not a nationalist, but he does believe that immigration reform is important. I agree; I am all for welcoming everyone to our country as long as they do so legally or apply for protection as a refugee. Just because I am a 4th generation American doesn’t mean my family didn’t begin as immigrants in this country. Who am I to keep people out who want to be here?
  • He’s lived through some serious hardships, like losing his first wife and a child, and then losing another child to illness. He also has a son with substance abuse issues. He has overcome a disability of his own. This likely makes his more sympathetic to the plight of others. He is also not afraid to show how far he has come through hard work and perseverance.
  • For some reason, I trust him. I don’t think he’s lying about his taxes or squirrelling money away if he loses the election.

I mailed in my ballot last week so technically, I voted. But the above are some of the reasons why I voted for Biden.

Thanks for reading! I have absolutely no problem if you disagree with me. Just my thoughts!

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