It was a wonderful weekend with Ted. On Friday night, he cooked us dinner and afterwards, we danced to different songs that we’re considering for our wedding song. I think we picked a winner.

I played a song for him that I used to sing with my dad at the piano as a kid. Mom would be getting ready to go out, putting on her makeup, and we’d sit on the piano bench, playing & singing while we waited for the babysitter. I started dancing with Ted to this song and started weeping. It was an ugly cry, likely a culmination of the stress and joy I’ve been feeling, as my mom finishes chemo, we plan a fall 2021 wedding, and I think of my sweet dad taking it all in.

We danced for about an hour – maybe longer – and we laughed as we snuck in a few other songs, like disco & of course, Erasure. I tried to convince him that the acoustic version of Always would make the “perfect wedding song” but we both knew it wouldn’t. “This is so 80s,” he said.

We awoke on Saturday and headed to downtown Boston where we met with our jeweler, who is designing our ruby ring, in remembrance of mom’s side of the family. The surrounding diamonds come from a ring that mom gave us – our own heirloom. When the ring is done, Ted will pick it up & formally propose. I think it’ll all feel real then.

I cooked Saturday night after a long nap, and then on Sunday, we cleaned out my fridge in prep for my new appliances coming this week. With a fresh coat of paint, my condo will soon be ready to sell, and off we’ll be on our next adventure: cohabitation when we find the right home.

Everyone keeps commenting on how shitty 2020 has been, but if you ask me, it’s been pretty remarkable on a personal level. Mom is healing, I have a great job, and if the timing works, I’ll be soon engaged to the love of my life at the age of 45. I’m not trying to be flippant and say that it’s been a great year on a global scale, but my point is that it has been good for me. And let’s not forget that I’m going to be a stepmom to two remarkable boys.

Here’s to more dancing. 💃🏻


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