A quiet vent

Last August, I went to a local appliance store to purchase new appliances for my condo, thinking that it was a good investment if I either sold or rented out my place. I picked MA tax free weekend – August 30th. My salesperson told me it would be about a month, that mostly fridges were delayed, and they could go ahead and install the microwave in the meanwhile. I paid for everything, including installation and delivery.

And I heard nothing. As the end of September creeped up, I reached out to the store via phone and heard nothing. I texted them, as instructed, and was told, “Nope, not in.” I texted again and heard nothing. I called a few more times. Nothing. I asked for an alternative set of options, and they sent me a list of items that would cost an extra $550. I asked them if they could get me all of the same brand (the re-do wasn’t). No response. I texted and said that if they didn’t respond, I may have to report them to the BBB. I got a nasty response and then told them to cancel my order.

I reached out to my former (and future realtor) and she said I really should get the appliances, and to keep the order. She called the owner of the store and he said he’d reach out to me. He found a new set of options for an extra $300, so I said ok. We scheduled the delivery. I asked them if they could help me get the microwave installed, several times. It is still sitting in the box on my floor. The fridge was too tall. I sent them measurements. They sent over another one, stating I said it was 68 inches (my email said 63), and it was too tall. Each time, they charge me for “unboxing.”

After my original costs, I’m out another $600.

I currently have 1/2 white old appliances and 1/2 new appliances.

I am not mentioning the store nor any names but I can tell you that I would never work with them again…ever…ever…ever. I told Ted I am so scarred that I never want to purchase appliances again. I am out so much money and it has been so stressful. The salespeople and owner have been ok but I am sure they call me all sorts of names privately. I just want to get my fridge and never have to walk in that store again.

Yes, I understand there is a shortage of appliances and the like, but I think this may be the worst customer service experience I have ever had. It has given me unnecessary additional stress and I want to scream really loudly! So, this is my form of screaming.


Phew. Thanks!

P.S. I have also spoiled a ton of food moving it in and out of the old/new/old fridges. Argh!!

2 thoughts on “A quiet vent

  1. Ugh! So frustrating! We had a similar experience with a washing machine that flooded several times and the warrantee only covers repairs- not replacements. So we are stuck with this machine even though we hate it and almost certainly know it will break again. We’re this close to just buying a new machine and trashing the other one that’s lasted about a year. I’m sorry for your experience- I get it! Just keep swimming my friend <3.

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