My 3 life lessons

There are 3 life lessons I try to always live by:

1. The Golden Rule

2. Always be honest

3. Invite everyone to the party*

* It’s this 3rd one I’m struggling with right now. If Ted and I had our wedding tomorrow, we’d probably be able to have 10 masked attendees sitting 6 feet apart. If it was in a few weeks, it may be just us, a camera, and everyone else watching via zoom. But, if everyone gets a Covid vaccination by the summer, as the experts anticipate, we may be able to expand our list to 75, which includes immediate family and a handful of close friends. Every time we consider another “layer” it increases 10-20 people.

To be honest, I have zero interest in a big wedding with a poofy dress + all that stress. We hired an event planner to eliminate my stress. I’m taking Ativan tonight just thinking about it.

So, if you’re reading this, please know that it’s going to be a small affair. That doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate together over dinner or at a wedding shower or via zoom now. It just means that Ted and I want a small event that costs our guests minimal money (travel, gifts, new clothes) and maximum enjoyment. And dare I say, it’s our day & we don’t want a ton of fanfare. We just want to celebrate our love with some good food & our closest loved ones. Nothing more.

We went over to Bloomingdale’s on Sat to register and honestly, it was upsetting to me how expensive everything was. Why should we have the chutzpah to ask people to spend $1,000 on a set of knives? We left a few items on, but honestly, at our age, we know we’ll likely not need “fine China” or champagne flutes. We need new sheets when we move, and we can always get them ourselves! We’re creating our own registry on The Knot with quirky and interesting items that we like. If people feel like purchasing them for us, awesome. If not, we’re ok with that too!

My point is: I don’t want anyone to be hurt or upset if we can’t include them on our wedding day. We will have a lifetime to celebrate with you! By then, we’ll have a new house so come over for a Ted-cooked dinner. If you’re not local, let’s meet up for a weekend after Covid. Consider 2021 our wedding year and then we’ll have plenty of time to toast with everyone! Deal? 🥂🥰

PS thanks!

4 thoughts on “My 3 life lessons

  1. It is your day and I love your attitude about it. We felt the same way. Good food, come as your are dress code at the local park, and we’ll celebrate together. Not that you need it at all but I give you permission to have whatever kind of wedding you want and those who matter won’t mind because they love you. ❤

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