Emotional Support

It’s been a whirlwind week and it’s only Monday. I pulled the trigger today on selling my townhouse so my realtor & I are in full force “operation sell condo.” It’s a good time for sellers so we’re moving ahead. We hope to stage my place at the end of Jan and sell it mid-Feb! #wishfulthinking

I’ll need to vacate for a few weeks with Nermal and then we’ll go from there. So big changes afoot.

It’s not easy having the cat as I navigate this journey but we are each other’s emotional support. As Ted has said to me, her whole life is within the three floors of my condo. I’m about to change a lot of that, and it’s going to be very disruptive to her. At the same time, it is going to be very disruptive to me. And I need her by my side through this process. I truly understand the meaning of having an emotional support animal. I have been very open about my depression and anxiety on this blog, and I truly believe that she is an additional RX to me. Just like I need my medication and my talk therapy, I also need my emotional support animal by my side. I am also her caretaker and I take that role very seriously.

I don’t really think I understood the role of caring for an animal until I took on taking care of Nermal. Sure, friends and family mock me for my “Obsession“ of my cat, but I know the truth. She is my companion. She depends on me, and I’ve never had anyone or anything depend on me before. When I get home, she greets me at the door. She nuzzles and cuddles with me in the morning. You have to remember that for the last 25 or so years, I have been living completely alone. Suddenly, I am taking care of another living being. Remember, I am not a parent, so I’ve been just keeping myself alive all these years.

It’s a bit frustrating when people in my life don’t understand the relationship I have with the cat. It’s namely the friends and family who don’t suffer from mental illness who have the most difficult time understanding the connection that I have with her. A cat is an uncomplicated being, and it has just a few requirements in life, which include being fed, having a clean litter box, and being loved. They don’t really ask for much, but if they’re missing one of those three things, they are lost. I can provide those things for her and it creates a meaningful relationship for me.

Clearly, I am engaged to a wonderful man and will be the stepmother to two rambunctious, amazing step kids. The relationship I have with them is completely different as we are humans. While we all depend on each other for love and support, for the most part we can take care of ourselves. Nermal, on the other hand, completely depends on me.

Skeptic? I would appreciate you read this article to help you understand.

PS about five minutes after I wrote this, she hopped up on my lap and is kneading me now!

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