Happy 2021!

Happy new year! I think it is pretty safe to say that most of us are happy that 2020 is now behind us. As I’ve said before, 2020 wasn’t so bad for me as I got engaged! And, my mom finished her latest round of chemo, and seems to be doing fairly well managing this chronic illness that she unfortunately contracted.

I’m officially on my “sell my condo” mission, concurrently working with a stager, Painter, realtor, and fiancé! I am looking forward to the next chapter, which is living with Ted and the kids. I went over there today to see them, and I just enjoy my time with the three of them. We didn’t do anything special, just had dinner and I watched them play video games.

On my way home, I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up some fun food items to cook tomorrow for an early celebration for Ted’s birthday, which is on Monday. On Monday, the four of us will have dinner together. And this is my family. No one said you had to give birth to kids to feel like they are part of you. The love I feel for them and Ted is very deep.

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful weekend and happy new year!

How you doin'?

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