January Blues

Like clockwork, come January, my depression & anxiety are always escalated. This year I’m trying to tackle it with vitamin D and a “happy” light plus snuggles with Nermal when she allows it. Oh yeah, and snuggles with Ted too 🙂

Throw in a pandemic, planning a wedding, selling a condo, and still getting sea legs at my job….and it’s chaos in my brain. Oh, and did you hear the one when the Neo-Nazis stormed the Capital and our President basically egged them on.

It’s enough to make us all have the January Blues!

This is the time to focus on self care. I just got a new iPad, so it’s been fun setting that up. I’m working hard to get my condo ready for staging & photos, so it’s nice to declutter. I’m trying to be gentle on myself with my job, too.

As they say, this too shall pass.

2 thoughts on “January Blues

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