Last Dance

It’s President Trump’s final full day in office. While he is publicly silent due to a social media ban, I imagine he’s busy behind the scenes pardoning people and tweaking laws before he goes. He is said to be heading to Mar-a-lago, his club in southern Florida, but my understanding is that there is a no residency law in Palm Beach that his neighbors generated years ago. If I were him, I’d flee the US and never look back!

I’m also embarking on my last dance in my condo. I’m busy getting it ready to be staged to sell. My realtor is posting a “coming soon” to local realtors today, and it will be live on February 1st. By then, I will be settled in at my friend Heather’s condo in Waterville Valley, NH, where she has graciously offered for me to stay with Nermal while my condo is shown and hopefully sold. I’m looking at it as a staycation while working. I think a change of scenery will help. I’m also contemplating booking a long weekend down south – somewhere sunny and warm – because my depression is flaring up right now due to the cold and dark. It’s like clockwork. I go through this every year. Last night was the worst. I cried for about an hour – sobbing – and then my face was so dry and my eyes hurt. I took a hot shower and felt better. I woke up this morning to see Nermal by my side, and it helps.

I’ll continue to remind my friends and family who read this. I’m in the midst of some of the biggest life stress right now – good things, but regardless, stressful – and I ask you to be gentle with me. My time isn’t my own right now – when I am not asleep, I am working or packing or cleaning or planning. I haven’t had a lot of down time and as a result, I’m drained. Be kind.

How you doin'?

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