24 hours later

It’s been almost a full day since I was up all night. I talked through my stresses with Ted, my mom, and a few colleagues who encouraged me to eliminate the burden I felt last night. I realize that I was the recipient of someone else’s frustrations. It wasn’t fair to take it out on me.

I’m in the midst of signing my lease while also signing the P&S tomorrow for my condo sale. My body and brain ache. I had hidden my extra medication for my open houses and just ransacked my closest trying to remember where I put them. I hate how I can’t find anything in my apartment. By this time next year, I’ll be married and in my own home so I just need to keep channeling that.

I took some Tylenol pm tonight, which I stopped taking months ago, so hopefully it’ll help me rest. I want to be at my best for work, as today my boss and I spoke with a $1 million prospective donor so that felt great. At least I love the work that I do!

Thanks for all of the support privately & publicly. It means a lot and really helps. 🥰

How you doin'?

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